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November 30th, 2009 by Karamfil Todorov Leave a reply »

Hello, Mr Jan Jansen!

 Sources from the subject of our research – ChMK, have informed us that unfortunately  the company’s management is quiet busy at the moment and can not satisfy our request to give the results of the questioning till 30th November. The rest of our report is  ready but without data from the company we can’t finish the practical stage, so we have to wait…  The senior manager of the company promised to give  filled questioning in the next few days. As soon as we receive this necessary information, we’ll send you our report. We hope that you will understand the whole difficulty of our situation. We  sorry about caused  inconveniences.

Best wishes,

Karamfil Todorov


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  1. Jan H. Jansen says:

    Dear Karamfil,

    This is always a well know problem in companies all over the world!

    Good luck anyway!

    Jan Jansen