Practical part of the project

December 1st, 2009 by Juliya Mehontseva Leave a reply »

We show results of our work:

Practical part of the project



  1. Juliya Mehontseva says:

    Dear colleagues,
    during the work with a practical part we have met difficulties applications of the theory to practice. Therefore we have a little changed theoretical a part of our work!

  2. Dear Juliya and other students,

    1.I see you grouped data under different headings, but it is still unclear to me, why have you selected these indicators for Sustainability in Logistics, why are they relevant for SIL? Could you explain this in short per indicator? How are the indicators related to your framework?

    2.What can the company undertake to improve its sustainable performance? In the first place the most interesting thing is reduction of impact on nature. What could you suggest?

    Kind regards, Elena

  3. Jan H. Jansen says:

    Dear Juliya,

    See also my feed back to Taisiya!

    I have exactly the same 3 questions!

    Kind regards,

    Jan Jansen