Practical stage report. Team#1

November 30th, 2009 by Taisiya Sikorskaya Leave a reply »

Hello everyone!

We’re happy to present you our practical stage report. Taisiya is terribly sorry for the quality of tables.


Hope, you’ll enjoy it.



  1. Dear Tausiya and other students,

    I think you did very well, thank you.

    Please send us your final report by email, include:

    1) introduction of the company;
    2)relationships between the framework chosen and the Quick Scan model;
    3) explain in short per indicator why it is relevant for SIL;
    4) indicate N of responders;
    5) recomendations for the company how to improve their sustainable performance;

    Kind regards, Elena

  2. Jan H. Jansen says:

    Dear Taisia,

    Thank you for the report!

    I have some quiestions:

    1 Can provide me with some information about the supply chain of this company?
    (so not only suppliers, but also clients!)

    2 Company structure is quite strange:I miss a lot of departments
    R&D, Marketing & sales, Procurement, HR

    3 Can you make a transformation from your results to my SILI index? So we can benchmark results

    Knd regards,

    Jan Jansen